Presentation backgrounds for openoffice

Presentation backgrounds for openoffice

Category: Name: Description: Bitmaps: Presentation Templates that incorporate Bitmaps Gradient Fills: Presentation Templates with Gradient Fills Plain


How to add custom image as background for OpenOffice Impress

DAMMIT YOUTUBE! – please read more. Youtube is being an ass with its annotation shit so I’m just gonna post it here. If you still see annotations please turn…  


Presentation Templates – Apache OpenOffice

Choosing and applying the background. From Apache OpenOffice Wiki. Make sure the Presentation Styles icon is selected in the Styles and Formatting window,…  


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Apache OpenOffice Impress

Presentation Background 1.. va Volker Ahrendt Application. Impress: Category. Business: Presentation Backgrounds: License. BSD. Tags.. and the…  


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