A Room for Wyatt


 My sweet friend Dawn has been asking me for MONTHS  to help her transform her daughters old pink and brown room into a room for her almost 18 year old son, Wyatt. As I understood it, she just wanted to repaint the walls and leave it at that. Nope! She wanted a complete overhaul and I was more than happy to help!

IMG_0263Wyatt loves to play volleyball so I knew we needed to incorporate that somewhere.


He’s also close to 18 and preparing for an LDS mission. Nothing like a good reminder above your bed, right? (Click here to know more about LDS missionaries.)



Storage was a huge problem for this kid. I have a feeling it is for most teenagers. I wanted him to have a desk with storage, but I didn’t want something big and bulky because the room is pretty small. With that in mind, I opted for a desk with only 3 drawers and criss cross legs to help the room feel open. To compensate for the lack of storage, I hung a shelf above the desk and loaded it with boxes for all of his junk stuff.



This kid loves to play video games (what teenage boy doesn’t!) So instead of having 2 nightstands, I decided to fill the space on one side of the bed with a pouf from Target. Now he has some additional seating for friends, or just a place to lounge.


Out of everything I did in Wyatt’s room, this is my favorite. Wyatt’s AMAZING father recently passed away, and his mom found this picture of Wyatt going in to give his Dad a kiss. As soon as I saw it I knew EXACTLY where it was going.

IMG_0261IMG_0265While I was working on Wyatt’s room, Dawn called me and told me about some old cars that were her grandfathers. She told me where they were and I loved them! Aren’t they awesome?


I have to give a big THANK YOU to Dawn for allowing me to transform her son’s room. I had so much fun accepting the challenging of designing, not only a boy room, but a teenage boy room. I live in girl land so decorating for a boy was something I had never thought about before…until now.

Here’s a few before and afters just for fun:

blog photos5blog photos6blog photos7

See where this post parties:


  1. says

    What an amazing transformation. You did a wonderful job making over the room. Thanks for sharing your talents with us on Merry Monday.

  2. says

    Looks great! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream’s City of Links on Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week :)

    • says

      Thanks Bridget! I never really thought about it working for a younger boy, but you’re absolutely right! It was definitely a challenge for me. I’ve never done a boys room before, so it was fun to try something completely new.


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